iPST - Instructions - iPhone - Initial Setup

1. First, download/install iPST on your iPhone. This can be done by opening the App Store & searching for iPST, or from iTunes.

2. After downloading/installing iPST on your iPhone, launch the App by tapping the iPST icon on your home screen.

3. At the bottom of the Jobs List, select the "Sync" button.

4. Select the "Setup Accounts" button.

5. Press the Add button & enter values for

DBS Code (your offices 3 letter DBS Identifier)
User Name

6. Press Save to return to the Accounts screen.

7. Press the Back button to return to the Sync screen.

8. Tap "Sync All (Includes Pictures)"

Note: If you have a lot of unfinished jobs, doing this over a WiFi connection will help speed up the process.

9. When the Sync is complete, press the Jobs button (upper left corner) to return to the Jobs List screen. You should now see a list of your jobs.